5 Reasons to hire a Private Chef in Edinburgh

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The restaurant scene in Edinburgh has never been better and food lovers can enjoy a wide range of cuisines from across the globe. However, hiring your own private chef for an intimate dinner party or family gathering in Edinburgh offers a unique experience.

Here are my top 5 reasons why you should considering hiring a private chef:


At Italba dining I provide a bespoke service and am happy to cook a 3-course menu for 20 friends or a luxurious degustation menu with wine pairing for an intimate gathering. Whatever the occasion part of the service includes a consultation with my clients to discuss the menu and what their expectations are and come up with a great menu to suit all tastes.

Nelson... did an amazing job (catering also for a couple of vegetarians and one vegan). The food was wonderful and varied with most sourced locally. The event would not have been a success without his great cooking, advice on wine and relaxed attitude. We will use him again!
— William U


Nothing beats the intimacy of dining in your own home. Hiring a private chef allows you to enjoy restaurant quality food in the comfort of your own home. You have the freedom to decide what time to start eating and you can pace yourself throughout the meal without worrying about leaving your table by a certain time. Also, many of my clients enjoy watching me cook and see it as part of the experience.

private chef edinburgh.jpg
private chef edinburgh.jpg

Cost effective

Hiring a private chef is more affordable than you may think. Also consider that you will save money on taxis, babysitters, and avoid the huge mark ups that restaurants apply on the drinks.

Stress Free

Throwing a dinner party? You can actually enjoy yourself and engage with your guests instead of sweating away in the kitchen all night. Just as importantly your kitchen will be left spotless so you can really focus on enjoying the occasion and relax once your guests have left.


I use the best local and seasonal produce in my dishes some of which are hand picked by me to ensure the highest quality. I have built great relationships with local suppliers and farmers and am proud of using the best available ingredients in my dishes.

Seasonal and Local vegetables grown at Tomnah’a - my local market garden

Seasonal and Local vegetables grown at Tomnah’a - my local market garden

West Coast langoustines

West Coast langoustines


At Italba Dining, I offer a private dining service and can cater to most tastes and budgets. 25 years of experience at working in top hotels and restaurants across the UK and Europe has equipped me with the expertise and knowledge to create interesting and dynamic menus for every occasion, using the best seasonal produce.

Please get in touch here if you would like more information about hiring a private chef in Edinburgh. I’m also able to travel all-over Scotland and beyond.