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an Italian - Scottish food affair



I have been cooking all my life.

Born and raised in Milan, my life as a chef has brought me to the very best kitchens of Italy, London, Cyprus and Scotland. 

And, although I will always be a proud Italian, it is Scotland that I now call home.

My Scottish wife first revealed the wonders of this country to me but, after relocating to Perthshire from the Mediterranean four years ago, I've fallen for its people, its landscapes and the stories they tell. But most of all, I've fallen for its food.

Seafood straight from the ocean, wild game, meat, cheeses and an abundance of locally grown fruit and vegetables.

Unsurprisingly, Italian dishes are popular here but I have realised, perhaps inevitably, that it is rarely represented in an authentic way.

And so, Italba was conceived.

It is my desire to create beautifully simple Italian dishes using the finest of Scotland’s fresh ingredients, and to share this passion with you; to provide an unforgettable culinary experience in the comfort of your own home.


"There is no sincerer love,

than the love of food."

/  george bernard shaw  /



My Philosophy

I have many happy memories from childhood - and food played a big part. Long meals enjoyed around the table at home, and family visits to a local trattoria or simple pizzeria. Sharing plates and running around between courses.

Home-made gnocchi and polenta with spezzatino in Trentino, or spaghetti with frutti di mare in Liguria. Simple dishes made by a cook our family had known for years.

The culinary habits of Italians have changed very little in the last century. We continue to eat locally and seasonally – enjoying the specialties of the region and supporting local farmers.

Fortunately, in the last ten years, this approach has become increasingly popular throughout Scotland, with many small and local food growers providing a wide range of excellent products to their communities. Scotland is blessed with all the raw ingredients.

Italba provides me the opportunity to work with these local farmers, to create beautiful, seasonal dishes with food that I feel passionate about. Of course, there are some Italian products that are impossible to source locally, and for those ingredients, I rely on the best suppliers from my homeland. 

Italba is a truly Italian - Scottish food affair.



My Experience

Following completion of my diploma in hospitality and culinary technique at the renowned IPSSAR di San Pellegrino Terme, my cooking career began at the Michelin starred restaurant Picler in Northern Italy.  A defining moment for me; at the age of 18, I started to understand the difference between working in a kitchen and being a chef.  

After 18 months in my first professional kitchen I returned to Milan and joined Joia - the first vegetarian restaurant in Europe to gain a Michelin Star - where I spent 2 years as Sous Chef under Pietro Lehman, gaining an insurmountable respect for vegetarian cooking.  

Always seeking new challenges and opportunities to learn, at the age of 23 I left Italy to explore the world, spending the next 15 years working as a Head Chef in several excellent kitchens throughout Europe, before finally settling in Scotland.