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Your impeccable dishes were a supreme hit with all our guests and you gave my mother a Birthday lunch to remember (there’s talk about a dance for her 90th!).  Thank you so much for all your care and expertise, which made the day so special.

/ Miranda | Creiff /


Nelson cooked for us over 3 days this summer as we had 30 people staying for a family gathering. He did an amazing job (catering also for a couple of vegetarians and one vegan). The food was wonderful and varied with most sourced locally. The event would not have been a success without his great cooking, advice on wine and relaxed attitude. We will use him again!

/ William | Aberdeenshire /


 Can I say a massive “Thank You” to Nelson. He provided the most amazing BBQ for my daughters wedding near Glenshee. The food was by far the best I have ever eaten, everything being cooked perfectly, and at a pace to suit the guests. Nelson’s relaxed approach, together with his cooking skills are still being talked about by my family today ! His catering was the final touch to the day, making it so perfect.

/Simon & Michel, Natasha & Mike- England/

"Nelson’s seasonal and local menu was meticulously thought out and perfectly delivered.  I loved the duck - it was a testament to his dedicated preparation.  The quality of the food was only the beginning: the evening was a true delight, from aperitif to wondrous pudding.  I couldn’t commend him highly enough to others planning special occasions."

/  Jill | comrie  /



"Nelson's food is outstanding ... something different and very moreish. Each part of the dish was well thought out and packed full of flavour and combined to perfection.... we can't wait for another Italba experience."

/  ross & karen | comrie  /


"Italba's fresh and beautifully cooked dishes are simply a delight. We particularly appreciate their use of locally grown and reared food, in the true spirit of elegant Italian cuisine: from field to table."

/ Helen & Ewan (Ewan Cameron Architects) | COMRIE /



Our night at Italba started the way the best ones always do - with a cocktail that brought some Italian sparkle to us all. Italba felt like an exciting dining adventure where we could have a memorable culinary experience surrounded by the intimate comforts of home. Basking in the glow of a warm fire, candlelight and good company, a long day at work was but a distant, hazy memory.

The quality of the food is testament to Nelson's knowledge of local sources and produce to which he adds his special Italian touch to create, for example, a mouth-wateringly delicious and plentiful array of starters. It is also a delight to palate and purse to be able to bring your favourite bottle (or, let's be honest, bottles) of wine to share with friends without having to peruse some over-priced and lengthy wine list. And you also get the chance to interact with the chef - in fact he may even share a beer with you if you're lucky!

We enjoyed our first Italba experience so much that we're planning our next ones with friends and are all loving the chance to talk to Nelson first about what we're looking for, then to let him guide us depending on the season and the occasion. The luxury of this bespoke kind of service feels like even if you live in deepest, darkest Perthshire, a cosmopolitan world is not too far away...

/ Catriona and Stuart | St Fillans /